We Are Four! A letter from Naomi Lacel

We Are Four! A letter from Naomi Lacel

It is so mind blowing to think that four years ago this little “social media” store with only three items came to life. This journey has had many ups, and downs, tears of defeat and tears of success. Some days I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude that my heart could completely burst. These four years would not be possible at all without the support of you. Whether you shop, share posts, pray for me, text me such meaningful words, show up to the pop ups. I am forever grateful to my friends and shoppers and shoppers that have become friends that can choose any other boutique or big box store to shop with yet you Shop J LACEL!

Some of you have been a shopper since 2015, and have not left…thank you! Some of you used to meet at coffee shops and allow us to dress you out of our cars, thank you! To those of you that tell your friends where you get your cute clothes, thank you! To my friends that come over to help me tag inventory until no mans hour, come work my pop ups, come to all of my events and are there from beginning to end, thank you!! To all of my gorgeous models inside and out, thank you! To mine, and Jessica’s family who have helped by giving up so much of their time, and never asked for anything in return …Thank you!

I also could not do this without the best manager/friend ever, who still treats J Lacel as her own. She wears so many hats in this business. She helps bring my vision to life, and nails it every time. She is such a boss babe, with such a God given purpose and I admire her for that! It really does take a tribe, and I am so thankful for mine. Every year we continue to grow, but I am sooo freaking excited for our next MOVE (literally)!

side note: A little faith can take you such a long way. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be so hard, but that is where you will grow, and that is where you will allow God to work. Trusting the process, and God is so much fun! Wake up every day, and count your blessings. It is so easy to name what you do not have, or how far you have not gotten, but perspective and gratitude are seriously everything. Cherish the people that build you up, and never take them for granted!



Naomi Lacel

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